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How to Care for Cedar Furniture

Before you buy any outdoor furniture you need to know how to care for cedar furniture. There are many natural tones available but if you do not care for it properly you could be left with an ash gray hunk of undesirable furniture. To prevent this from happening you must take proper care of your furniture, starting from the day you bring it home.

  1. First: Easy solutions

    If you do not want to paint, stain or seal your outdoor furniture, keep it in a covered area out of the rain and sun. You can buy special covers for each individual piece or for a more economical solution, use a tarp or even plastic.

  2. Second: Sealants and stains

    One of the best and longest lasting solutions is to seal and/or stain your furniture. Sealants help repel water and dirt and prevent the grain of the wood from rising or becoming warped. Sealants protect the wood but over time the furniture can lose its color. Stains do not protect the wood but rather protect the color of the wood. A combination of the two products maintains the color and quality of your wood for many years to come.

  3. Third: Applying sealants and stains

    Before applying a stain or sealants sand all surfaces. Sanding is not always necessary, but it is wise if you have time. Apply 1-2 coats to all surfaces of your furniture and let completely dry. Never use oil finish on cedar furniture as dust from the air can be trapped in the finish.