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Ways to Protect Cedar Furniture

A quality piece of cedar furniture is often a substantial investment, so protecting the wood is a primary concern. A properly treated piece of cedar can last for decades without degradation. This means that you and your family can enjoy your cedar furniture for many years by taking just a couple steps to ensure that it has the proper protection.

Off-season storage

This easiest thing that you can do to protect your cedar furniture is to keep it covered during the off-season. Even though cedar is a great choice for outdoor use, extended exposure to rain and snow takes its toll over the years. If moving the furniture to a covered area is not an option, many companies offer all-season covers for individual pieces.

Wood sealer

When you bought your cedar furniture, it probably came pre-sealed from the manufacturer. These sealants last for many years, but the furniture needs a new coat about every three to five to stay in its best shape. Sealants prevent dirt, water and mold spores from entering the pores of the wood extending its life and preventing warping or rot. Look for wood sealers that also contain UV-protectant chemicals to also keep the natural tone of the cedar from fading.

Wood oil

Wood oils are also another easy way to protect cedar. They apply easily with a rag and preserve the woods color and texture. Most cedar furniture dealers recommend that you coat the wood with oil at least once a year, and many people opt to oil cedar more frequently.

Cedar is an extremely tough wood that has natural anti-microbial properties, so it is a great choice for furniture, especially in the outdoors. Although it is a resilient wood, it still requires some basic care. Following the steps above to take care of your cedar furniture guarantees that it lasts for years.